Bodegas Solano is the leader in premium outsourcing solutions for Spanish wines in the industry. With over 15 years in the business supplying Spanish wines Internationally, we provide a broad array of contract production services to meet our customers business needs.

Bulk Wines, Private Label& Branded Wine Programs.

Our success is based on a combination of 3 key components: Quality, Price and Customization.

Our Process is simple but successful:
We analyze our client’s needs, and create the perfect product by selecting wines with the highest quality to design flavors that suits the specific targeted taste at the most cost efficient price for our clients.

Based on the combination of four core values:

  • Self-discipline, meticulous selection of the best grapes and quality control of all processes (elaboration, packaging, shipping and customer service).
  • Creativity and Innovation, in the creation of a wide range of wines that meet the changing needs and tastes of international markets.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm, for excellence at every stage of the process.
  • International vision, producing custom wines for success in the targeted country.

A passion for wine that results in a winning combination: "great wines at great values."

With a team of experts and enologists present in the most prestigious wine regions within Spain, Bodegas Solano is in a privileged position to select the best grapes from their own vineyards and from the most exclusive regions of Spain, controlling the quality from production to shipment, and giving us a wide range of products.



  • Quality; Highest quality standards with proven track record. 
  • Focus; Taylor made winemaking. 
  • Experience; Dedicated staff with extensive industry experience. 
  • Convenience; The one stop shop for all your Spanish Wine needs. 
  • Service; Project management, laboratory analysis, compliance, logistics, shipping...
  • Cost-Effective; Competitive pricing as a result of our knowledge of the market and connections within the industry.

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