All wines, bulk or bottled, exported by Bodegas Solano go through a thorough quality control process, from the application stage through laboratory tests and actual tasting by a professional panel before an export certificate is been issued. To assure a smooth processing of these procedures, our team takes all the precautions prior to submission of an export certificate application, by testing and tasting the designated bulk wine or bottled wines. Bodegas Solano team is fully aware of most of the international markets’ requirements, additional specific accreditations and certifications. When required we provide, the leading recognized international accreditation certifications – including BRC, HACCP, FAIR-TRADE, USDA NOP, EEC, and ISO – our customers can always relay and be assured that our product are within the set standards.





We offer our clients our specialized knowledge of local and international wine markets of our team of technical experts in marketing, market research and strategy in order to help them through the process with the decision-making, helping them generate a more profitable business. A comprehensive consultancy service that takes care of both the enological area, performing quality / types of wine audits and recommendations on the elaboration process, and the commercial area, analyzing distribution, product development and re-launching of the brand , with a wide offer of services:

  • Analysis and strategy for market introduction.
  • Development of new products.
  • Supply and evaluation of liquids.
  • Market research by experienced professionals.
  • Winemaking services.
  • Training.



    Our global team of professional experts in research, creative design, brand management, production, logistics, and distribution; manage the process of brand developing from its creation to its launch, keeping always in mind the customer needs and expectations.




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