We are a family business grown from the traditional winemaking into the exports of Wine. Our love for grapes and wines have taken us to where we are today and still keeps us moving forward.
With a big team of individuals who not only share the same passion but who have extensive knowledge in the business; Wine lovers who are eager to create a wine you’d love.


Our CEO’s Message

“Vineyards, grape growing and wine have always been part of my family. I can still recall when my parents took me to La Torre- my hometown and location of our vineyards. During the harvest, my father would lift me onto the cart of my grandfather Herminio and I would crush the grapes with my feet. I loved that... and above all, I loved to see my crimson dyed hands smelling of the precious grape juice.
Nicolas, my father, taught me everything I know about grape growing and careful selection of fruits to produce the best wines.
I only hope to be able to pass my passion for the soil, nature, vineyards and wine on to my son Marc. I am glad to see that he is eager to learn...”


Roberto Martinez - Managing CEO




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